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 Adk Blog 3.0 (SMF 2.0) Autor de la descarga

Adk portal customizers

  • Each user manages his/her own blog.
  • You are able to decide which groups can:
    • Administrate
    • View
    • Comment
    on your user's Blog.
  • You are able to Enable/Disable the Send PM option when the users add comments on a blog
  • You are able to Enable/Disable Adk blog.
  • Each user is able to Manage the Categories of his/her blog
  • About Me (A little description that the owner of the blog can modify)
  • Like it system

Default languages:
# spanish_es
# spanish_es-utf8
# spanish_latin
# spanish_latin-utf8
# english
# croatian-utf8 (Special thanks to Rocknroller)
# turkish
# french (Special thanks to Bombasa)
# french-utf8 (Special thanks to Bombasa)
# german (Special thanks to eB|Kami)

Official Support:
Smf Personal

If you wanna upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0.... install the mod like a normal mod.... adk blog will be upgraded automaticlly

I welcome new translations

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Información de la descarga
 Título: Adk Blog 3.0 (SMF 2.0)
 Categoría: Adk Blog
 Fecha: 09/06/2011 (11:30:34 pm)
 Descargas: 3311
 Vistas: 12607
 Última descarga: 15/11/2019

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