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Jun 25 2018
 Autor del tema: hibiki-mod
 Respuestas: 0
 Visitas: 2520
 Ultimo Mensaje: Thank-O-Matic Error - 0 members gave a thank you Último mensaje
 Autor: hibiki-mod
 El dia: 25/06/2018 ( 12:48 ) am
Hi! I recently uninstalled and re-installed Thank-O-Matic to an SMF 2.0.13 version and the Thank You count of members always sho...

Oct 25 2017
 Autor del tema: jure12
 Respuestas: 1
 Visitas: 1174
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:Thank-o-Matic Error: syntax error, unexpected '}' Último mensaje
 Autor: jure12
 El dia: 30/10/2017 ( 05:18 ) pm
Hi,I have a problem with the Mod 'Thank-o-Matic 3.0'. The mod is installed without any errors and i have forum SMF 2.0.14.I noti...

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May 29 2017
 Autor del tema: jure12
 Respuestas: 3
 Visitas: 925
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:Strange problem with Thanks-o-Matic Último mensaje
 Autor: ^HeRaCLeS^
 El dia: 01/06/2017 ( 07:44 ) pm
Everything was working right with mod Thanks-o-Matic. I bought a new web host and upload my backup (php files and database) and ...

Feb 28 2017

Titulo del tema: Adk Blog - Images

 Autor del tema: Krzysiak[PL]
 Respuestas: 1
 Visitas: 1286
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:Adk Blog - Images Último mensaje
 Autor: ^HeRaCLeS^
 El dia: 28/05/2017 ( 12:42 ) pm
I have this question:Is it possible (how?) to somehow add this future into the blog to attach pictures from own computer, not fr...

May 12 2015
 Autor del tema: fatdaddy
 Respuestas: 3
 Visitas: 1277
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:SMF error logged that traces to Thank-o-matic Último mensaje
 Autor: fatdaddy
 El dia: 26/05/2015 ( 04:20 ) am
I have an error that comes upwhen ever users visit their profile page.[code]Apply Filter: Only show the error messages of this U...

Oct 30 2014
 Autor del tema: radu81
 Respuestas: 3
 Visitas: 1735
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:Show Thank you Posts does not work Último mensaje
 Autor: cunha45
 El dia: 13/02/2015 ( 08:47 ) am
I have this mod installed since years, it works but I cannot see in user profile "Show Thank You Posts". When I click the forum ...

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Nov 15 2014
 Autor del tema: br360
 Respuestas: 8
 Visitas: 1398
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:Thank-O-Matic Problem- Admin Section Not Installing Último mensaje
 Autor: br360
 El dia: 16/11/2014 ( 09:44 ) pm
I have the thank-o-matic mod installed, and although it is working, the admin settings are not appearing when I go into admin>>c...

Sep 23 2014

Titulo del tema: Thank O Matic

 Autor del tema: shuban
 Respuestas: 10
 Visitas: 1901
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:Thank O Matic Último mensaje
 Autor: shuban
 El dia: 06/10/2014 ( 01:13 ) am
Hello all,I am looking to create a list of all the thank you's made. I would like the list to display the last 25 thank you's gi...

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Ago 12 2014
 Autor del tema: r4ll
 Respuestas: 1
 Visitas: 1236
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:Problem with hide tag special 3.0 Último mensaje
 Autor: ^HeRaCLeS^
 El dia: 14/08/2014 ( 11:03 ) pm
Hello Everyone,I have a problem with this mod that whenever i press quick edit button and save itIt shows me a hidden tag.And it...

May 08 2014
 Autor del tema: FamilyWeb
 Respuestas: 6
 Visitas: 2377
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:Hide Tag Special - Not showing hidden content after posting Último mensaje
 Autor: FamilyWeb
 El dia: 24/05/2014 ( 01:10 ) pm
I installed Hide Tag Special and configured it in the Admin panel. However, it will not un-hide the hidden content to myself (ad...


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