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Autor: lucas-ruroken
Ago 30 2010

Titulo: Adk Blog;sa=view;down=263


Adk portal customizers

  • Each user manages his/her own blog.
  • You are able to decide which groups can:
    • Administrate
    • View
    • Comment
    on your user's Blog.
  • You are able to Enable/Disable the Send PM option when the users add comments on a blog
  • You are able to Enable/Disable Adk blog.
  • Each user is able to Manage the Categories of his/her blog
  • About Me (A little description that the owner of the blog can modify)
  • Like it system

Default languages:
# spanish_es
# spanish_es-utf8
# spanish_latin
# spanish_latin-utf8
# english
# croatian-utf8 (Special thanks to Rocknroller)
# turkish
# french (Special thanks to Bombasa)
# french-utf8 (Special thanks to Bombasa)
# german (Special thanks to eB|Kami)

Official Support:
Smf Personal

If you wanna upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0.... install the mod like a normal mod.... adk blog will be upgraded automaticlly

I welcome new translations

« Última Modificación: Febrero 05, 2013, 10:09:23 pm por Enik »

Que tal lucas gran mod, te estoy muy agradecido.

Vengo con una duda, seria posible agregar en "Quién está en línea" funciones como:

-UsuarioX Viendo el blog de "inudescargas"
-UsuarioX la entrada "Testeando" del blog de inudescargas.
-Usuario X viendo el indice de los blogs.

Te digo esto por que cuando leo una entrada del blog el foro me pone como "Viendo el índice del foro"  ::).


Agregalo al bug tracker ;) es una buena idea

updated to SMF 2.0 RC5

Hello, I got a Problem.
The problem is the Display template file. It simply won't show me if the blogs are enabled the vlog icon.
Any clue?
The Package manager delivered an error, which i fixxed my patching up the one line by hand. By accident it happened to be the line that should ouput the blog logo, but it does not output the logo.
The lines in the Display Template now look like:
File: /smf/Themes/core/Display.template.php
Código: [Seleccionar]
echo '
<li class="margintop">
<ul class="reset nolist">
', !isset($context['disabled_fields']['icq']) && !empty($message['member']['icq']['link']) ? '<li>' . $message['member']['icq']['link'] . '</li>' : '', '
', !isset($context['disabled_fields']['msn']) && !empty($message['member']['msn']['link']) ? '<li>' . $message['member']['msn']['link'] . '</li>' : '', '
', !isset($context['disabled_fields']['aim']) && !empty($message['member']['aim']['link']) ? '<li>' . $message['member']['aim']['link'] . '</li>' : '', '
', !isset($context['disabled_fields']['yim']) && !empty($message['member']['yim']['link']) ? '<li>' . $message['member']['yim']['link'] . '</li>' : '', '
', !empty($message['member']['yim']['link']) ? '<li><a href="'.$scripturl.'?blog='.$message['member']['id'].'" title="'.$txt['blog_principal_title'].'"><img alt="" src="'.$boardurl.'/blog/easymoblog.png" /></a></li>' : '', '

Any help would be appreciated.

Attach file display.template.php

The file has been Attached as asked for.
The second replacement didn't want to work so I installed and inserted it later by hand.

I made the change to the file
But ...
This file does not belong to the theme "CORE"

 :-[ You are right, I must have got the wrong file.
As attachement the Core Display.template.php File. Where exactly did you changed lines?

Attach file .../Themes/core/display.template.php

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