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* Logo Rotator 0.1 Beta 1
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Autor: DoctorMalboro
Dic 01 2010
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Logo Rotator

Created by DoctorMalboro.

It allows you to rotate the logo of your forum in default (curve) theme and it's variations.

How to make it work?
Go to Admin - Configuration - Modification Settings - Miscellaneous and check the Enable Logo Rotator option. Then, start filling the Logo Images option with the images (it can be external and internal images, example: myforum/forum/images/logo1.jpg or Save the options and see the image rotator working ;)


  • What size should the images have?
    It would be appropriate to be the same as the default SMF (curve) theme. My idea of an appropriate size would be 256x34. It depends on the theme you use.
  • How many images can i put?
    I recommend using your own host for your images, but if it's a free one, use some external host (ex. tinypic, imgur, photobucket, etc.)
  • I don't see any changes... why is that?
    • You didn't enable the mod.
    • you didn't put the images correctly (example:,,
    • You didn't adapt the mod to your actual theme.
  • It doesn't seem to work in my theme... What can i do?
    Try using The Manual Installation of Mods.
  • It's impossible to adapt it... Why? :(
    I'm not a magician... if you can't adapt it, just post the name of the theme and the url of this. I will try to adapt it, but i won't promise you anything.
    If the theme is premium, ask support in the site or person you bought it from ;)

  • Lucas-Ruroken: For helping me with some minor things ::)


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« Última Modificación: Diciembre 01, 2010, 08:34:52 pm por lucas-ruroken »

Buen trabajo Doc!!  ;)

De nada, Heracles ;)

Exelente una utilidad muy buena Doc  ;)

Buen trabajo, pero.... me merezco mas creditos me parece :P

eso es como aquí en smf personal? que cambia de color el logo?

No, el de aca es un cambio manual que hicimos.

la funcion es la misma igual.

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