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* Some problems related to hide tag special
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Nov 17 2011

Dear ADK Team,

thanks for updating hide tag special for 2.0.1

There are some bugs in it...

1. the unhidden text is not displayed after clicking on thank you...
the unhidden text is only displayed if "Show the un-/hidden Text Information one time:" is checked, if that option is not checked then the entered unhidden text information does not appear at all anywhere in the post.
{I have enabled unhidden information in both cases.}

2. CSS style in index.css for the class (.hiddencontent) is not working in this version anymore... it was working in smf 2.0 RC3

3. I am getting this error constantly... what may be the cause of it...
Código: [Seleccionar]
2: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given
File: /home/......./public_html/forum/Sources/HtsAdmin.php
Line: 126

My smf version 2.0.1 (recently updated)
Hide tag special 3.0 - for smf 2

Please help me find out the solutions of these bugs.

And thanks for updating Thank o Matic also.

Smf 2.0.1

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Nov 17 2011

Hello I have watched some errors in the hide tag, but it will take to repair a few weeks we have several pending.

SmfPersonal Ex-Project maneger

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Feb 26 2012

Any news on this problem ?

Got it too....



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