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* SMF Personal V3 (English)
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Autor: Enik
Oct 21 2012

Hey everyone, we are pleased to present SMF Personal, in its third version, the great work of our Developer ^HeRaCLeS^ has been more than exceptional, we can say with certainty that this theme is better than SMF mounted to the this day .

You will see the high quality and design that has been given to this site, is attentive to every detail.

But not only is this great new Theme SMF Personal V3, starting next month will change the structure of how we were working, but some sites will open for more things to offer, as always of the highest quality, so we have everything better organized.

We have some projects completely renovated and some new ones that will be announced in the coming weeks.

These include:

        Adk Portal 3.0
        Adk imode 2.0
        Adk custom topics 1.0
          and more....

We hope this new change and the overall site is to your liking and keep supporting better as they have done so far (y)

Also remember that we are very few people in front of such a place and that is why we reiterate that if you can help us in Any way we could really  ;)

Help can come in many forms, for example if you want to make a donation to someone in particular or the site can do so in this page.

They can also help promote the site between social networks, friends or other sites  ;D

Remember, if any of you can help with translations, testing or other things could be or received within the staff of this great site, just have to contact any of us for that.

No more to say and behalf of the entire Team I hope we forward many more years and that this change will take us farther than you ever dreamed.

Regards Adk-Team  (y)

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Nice work
thank you
When done send me to translate...PT

Thanks Candidosa

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