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Jul 06 2013

Titulo del tema: New block in Adk portal

 Autor del tema: riddleflix
 Respuestas: 0
 Visitas: 915
 Ultimo Mensaje: New block in Adk portal Último mensaje
 Autor: riddleflix
 El dia: 06/07/2013 ( 03:53 ) pm
I would like to add a block to show the forums on the main page of my site. Once I installed Adk, they were removed and made acc...

Jul 04 2013
 Autor del tema: hashend94
 Respuestas: 2
 Visitas: 878
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:Thumbnail Slider nav in a module. Último mensaje
 Autor: ^HeRaCLeS^
 El dia: 06/07/2013 ( 10:36 ) am
Hey (Im really sorry for all the questions,:S) But I was wondering is there a way to make a thumbnail slider work in a module in...

Jul 03 2013

Titulo del tema: Colour Problem!

 Autor del tema: Meikel
 Respuestas: 2
 Visitas: 913
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:Colour Problem! Último mensaje
 Autor: Meikel
 El dia: 05/07/2013 ( 11:46 ) am
Dear'si have a Colour Problem! Please can you help me to fix it? I will change the pink Colour into red Colour. On what File i m...

Mar 24 2013
 Autor del tema: Punkies
 Respuestas: 4
 Visitas: 784
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:How to return shoutbox back to block list Último mensaje
 Autor: Punkies
 El dia: 25/03/2013 ( 06:48 ) pm
Hi,Recetly I removed Shoutbox block from the block list by my mistake and I really want to add it back. Is there some way how to...

Feb 24 2013
 Autor del tema: Denis
 Respuestas: 1
 Visitas: 11651
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:How to create a block that changes depending on wich part of the forum I am in? Último mensaje
 Autor: ^HeRaCLeS^
 El dia: 24/02/2013 ( 05:20 ) pm
Let's say I have 4 categories, and for each category 10 sections. How can I make a block change content depending on the locatio...

Feb 07 2013
 Autor del tema: iobit
 Respuestas: 3
 Visitas: 7219
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:Category forum in block portal Último mensaje
 Autor: iobit
 El dia: 20/02/2013 ( 07:23 ) am
Hello, how to see my category forum in block portal maybe left block? Thanks.

Nov 27 2012
 Autor del tema: major zod
 Respuestas: 5
 Visitas: 3070
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:Is there any block that can call up all the various board names on a forum Último mensaje
 Autor: ^HeRaCLeS^
 El dia: 13/02/2013 ( 06:59 ) pm
Hello guys, please i need help on adding a block that can call up all the board name available on my forum, for easy navigation....

Tema Solucionado
Nov 12 2012
 Autor del tema: pd35
 Respuestas: 15
 Visitas: 1979
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:Adk_Portal install Modification parse error Último mensaje
 Autor: ^HeRaCLeS^
 El dia: 13/02/2013 ( 02:01 ) am
hoop some one can help me with this it is a new install form smf  and Adk_Portal 

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Feb 10 2013
 Autor del tema: ovidole
 Respuestas: 3
 Visitas: 824
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:problem with extreme download system Último mensaje
 Autor: ^HeRaCLeS^
 El dia: 10/02/2013 ( 10:25 ) pm
helloi have problem with extreme download systemi can't add a new downlooadafter the file is uploaded i receive this error like ...

Feb 01 2013

Titulo del tema: UTF8.....

 Autor del tema: dan4ever
 Respuestas: 4
 Visitas: 1047
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:UTF8..... Último mensaje
 Autor: dan4ever
 El dia: 04/02/2013 ( 10:52 ) am
HiI moved my forum to another host but now the portal is showing in english, and not in swedish.I use UTF8 in my forum but I thi...


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