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Feb 12 2013
 Autor del tema: sarhad12
 Respuestas: 1
 Visitas: 1108
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re:RE: Show unread messeges not showing Último mensaje
 Autor: Principiante1
 El dia: 12/02/2013 ( 10:30 ) am
Hi im using the Windows 7 theme and on that "show unread posts" and show replies to your last post doesn't work can you please h...

Tema Solucionado
Oct 13 2012

Titulo del tema: Changing new post image

 Autor del tema: Allen1968
 Respuestas: 7
 Visitas: 7847
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re: Changing new post image Último mensaje
 Autor: ^HeRaCLeS^
 El dia: 13/10/2012 ( 01:23 ) pm
I want to change the new post image from the on.png to on.gif.  I know I could just rename the image to on.png and upload and ov...

Oct 05 2012
 Autor del tema: Bhavadasa
 Respuestas: 3
 Visitas: 952
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re: Snow Effect is Causing My Screen to Flicker Último mensaje
 Autor: Enik
 El dia: 06/10/2012 ( 01:23 ) am
I installed "Adk Snow Effect", and love it.  However, it is causing my screen to flicker occasionally. My Site: www.saranagativi...

Sep 24 2012

Titulo del tema: Text box not show

 Autor del tema: domacc
 Respuestas: 0
 Visitas: 849
 Ultimo Mensaje: Text box not show Último mensaje
 Autor: domacc
 El dia: 24/09/2012 ( 01:49 ) pm recorded my problem. Text box to edit news or create new block appears just for a mi...

Sep 18 2012
 Autor del tema: spikespiegel
 Respuestas: 0
 Visitas: 1290
 Ultimo Mensaje: Can someone help me to remove some codes? Último mensaje
 Autor: spikespiegel
 El dia: 18/09/2012 ( 07:09 ) pm
I manually uninstalled ADK Portal, but I still have a few codes that I couldn't see here in the manual: http://custom.simplemach...

Sep 18 2012
 Autor del tema: spikespiegel
 Respuestas: 2
 Visitas: 1405
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re: Please help me to COMPLETELY uninstall it :/ Último mensaje
 Autor: spikespiegel
 El dia: 18/09/2012 ( 05:29 ) pm
I don't seen to find a solution to uninstall ADK PORTAL, how do I completely uninstall it?When I try to uninstall, I see some er...

Ago 10 2012

Titulo del tema: Sharing posts on facebook

 Autor del tema: mercf1fans
 Respuestas: 0
 Visitas: 935
 Ultimo Mensaje: Sharing posts on facebook Último mensaje
 Autor: mercf1fans
 El dia: 10/08/2012 ( 06:25 ) am
hi all.. i've installed and modified the ADK cool black theme for our forum,now when I want to share a topic to facebook, the li...

Ago 08 2012
 Autor del tema: Isabel
 Respuestas: 4
 Visitas: 1126
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re: Want to purchase: System Post Comment mod with changes Último mensaje
 Autor: lucas-ruroken
 El dia: 08/08/2012 ( 01:56 ) pm
My forum version: SMF v. 2.0.2Your mod: System Post Comment v.2Hello, I hope this is the right location for requesting an order....

Jul 18 2012
 Autor del tema: born2fly
 Respuestas: 7
 Visitas: 1473
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re: Want to increase the number of recent topics on the left Menu ?? Último mensaje
 Autor: born2fly
 El dia: 25/07/2012 ( 09:16 ) pm
I use smf version "smf 2.02" I use Adk Cool Black  theme no portals installed . this is the url of my tech forumHow can I increa...

May 03 2012
 Autor del tema: thhVictor
 Respuestas: 2
 Visitas: 1528
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re: Resolving the timezone problem Último mensaje
 Autor: thhVictor
 El dia: 30/06/2012 ( 01:33 ) am
Well since SMF does not have any options to choose the their timezone when registering, they would have to either follow the ser...


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