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Nov 23 2011
 Autor del tema: abc
 Respuestas: 8
 Visitas: 2265
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re: H1 Tags in link tree Make Trouble Último mensaje
 Autor: abc
 El dia: 23/11/2011 ( 07:19 ) pm
Hi Everybody i get problems whit H1 Tags in link tree after installation i get some visual Bug , to explain that i saw just scre...

Nov 13 2011
 Autor del tema: libertygirl
 Respuestas: 4
 Visitas: 1922
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re: [SOLVED] Carrousel has no arrows to scroll Último mensaje
 Autor: Enik
 El dia: 17/11/2011 ( 04:17 ) pm
My url is have installed the latest version of smf and portal. I've activated the carrousel block. If...

Nov 17 2011

Titulo del tema: Won't let me uninstall

 Autor del tema: libertygirl
 Respuestas: 0
 Visitas: 1585
 Ultimo Mensaje: Won't let me uninstall Último mensaje
 Autor: libertygirl
 El dia: 17/11/2011 ( 01:23 ) pm
I have the latest smf and the latest adkportal. I just went to uninstall it but it says I'm not to because its got a test failed...

Tema Solucionado
Oct 30 2011
 Autor del tema: iPete
 Respuestas: 3
 Visitas: 1925
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re: Cannot load images within posts Último mensaje
 Autor: ^HeRaCLeS^
 El dia: 30/10/2011 ( 02:16 ) pm
Hi - I've just started using adk portal, and I really like it but I have one problem. Whenever I try to insert an image into a p...

Oct 29 2011
 Autor del tema: acolyteglp
 Respuestas: 1
 Visitas: 1986
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re: Unknown column 'permissions' in 'field list' Último mensaje
 Autor: ^HeRaCLeS^
 El dia: 29/10/2011 ( 02:39 ) pm
We upgraded to smf 2.0.1 and installed Adkportal sucessfully but getting this error when members click onthe "home" or index pag...

Ago 21 2011

Titulo del tema: Banner Help

 Autor del tema: Capt_lou
 Respuestas: 13
 Visitas: 2009
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re: Banner Help Último mensaje
 Autor: ^HeRaCLeS^
 El dia: 26/10/2011 ( 03:56 ) pm
Hello,I am trying to enter a custom banner into the header of my forum but am not seeing where to change he code.  The address i...

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Oct 23 2011

Titulo del tema: How do I install a theme?

 Autor del tema: baronxobama
 Respuestas: 1
 Visitas: 838
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re: How do I install a theme? Último mensaje
 Autor: lucas-ruroken
 El dia: 23/10/2011 ( 08:13 ) pm
Can someone please post simple, step-by-step instructions on how to install a theme on SMF. Like in lamens terms please. Thank y...

Oct 22 2011
 Autor del tema: girlfloyd
 Respuestas: 10
 Visitas: 2481
 Ultimo Mensaje: Re: Trying to create a Recent Topics ADK Block for my forum index... Último mensaje
 Autor: girlfloyd
 El dia: 23/10/2011 ( 02:07 ) am
Can someone please look at my attached ADK Block and let me know how I can make topics from ALL forums display on the forum inde...

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Oct 21 2011
 Autor del tema: TGD
 Respuestas: 0
 Visitas: 1932
 Ultimo Mensaje: Normal bb/html block not working with Twitter Último mensaje
 Autor: TGD
 El dia: 21/10/2011 ( 07:04 ) pm
Hello all. I have the newest version of SMF and ADK portal. I am simply trying to integrate the profile widget twitter offers. I...

Oct 21 2011
 Autor del tema: superiorpyro
 Respuestas: 0
 Visitas: 1563
 Ultimo Mensaje: Need Help with Extreme Download Último mensaje
 Autor: superiorpyro
 El dia: 21/10/2011 ( 04:59 ) pm
Not sure if anyone else has run into this, but when I activate the module, I get the "download" option in the menu at the top of...


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