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Oct 25 2013


My adk portal looks like this now:

Don't mind the black border and text. thats just MS paint added.

Between the title and text, i want to add a custom image.
This image will be chosen when i make the blog post.
Is it possible that somebody helps me with this?

So basically when i make the blog post, i want the option to upload an image, and this image will appear between the TITLE and MADE BY.

King Regards


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Oct 28 2013

Sorry to bump this.

I wanna launch my website as soon as possible, if somebody could work out something to add the image like my first post, that would be awesome.


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Nov 08 2013

Sorry to bump this again, but it's already fixed.

Another question is: Is there a way to make your website make a second page after 15 blog posts for example..

I give an explanation:

My homepage is my blog now (Lasttopicblog block with ADK portal).
When i have 15 blog posts, i want to have like a second page, with another 15 blog posts.
On the bottom and top of the homepage you will see a space then with
<< < 1 2 3 4 ... > >>
When you are on the 4th page then you will see
<< < 3 4 5 6 7 > >>

Does anybody know how to do this, or does the block already do that?


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Nov 08 2013

The block already does that by default  ;)

Regards enik...

SmfPersonal Ex-Project maneger

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