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* Getting error after install
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Oct 07 2012

I am new to this whole wed thing i know basic Html and css only. I followed the set up to the letter. or at least i thought i did. if you take a look at the site you will see the error that i am getting. I was wondering besides what the problem may be. Is there a pre made site with ADK mod and themes so that i can just use ftp to drag and drop files? I think this would just me much easier. Thanks for the help in advance.

1 -

2 - SMF 2.0.2

3 - Default

4 - Cant get site to show


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Oct 11 2012

Surely you install the forum in a folder.
Example: forum

If I install the forum in a folder have to enter that folder.

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Adk Portal 3.0.2

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