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Dic 21 2014

Hello everybody,

I just updated to the latest ADK Portal version and most of my edits on the hardcode are now gone. I wanted to update it, but seems some files have changed now. So, here is my problem.

I want to have the "Last Topic" block to be cleaned out. Without timestamp and avatar.

Last time I edited Subs-adkblocks.php

Searched for:
'preview' => $row['body'],
'time' => timeformat($row['poster_time']),

and replaced it with:

'time' => strftime('%b %d', $row['poster_time']),
This resulted in shortened month. That was quite better for my part.

'time' => strftime('%D', $row['poster_time']),
Looks also good.

But I cant find those data in Subs-adkblocks.php.

This is my last topic....very old. ^^;msg37251#msg37251

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Ene 16 2015

Could leave a screenshot to see what you want to change?

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