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* Made the page, how to link to it?
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Jul 10 2011

Using SMF 2.0, Latest version of ADK

I'm just wondering to to make the best use out of the page system.  After I make the pages, where can I add a link so that the visitors can see it, like in the navigation menu somewhere?

Thanks for any help.


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Jul 11 2011

Hi could you create a new block and put the links there  ;)

Bye enik...

SmfPersonal Ex-Project maneger

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Jul 11 2011

Or modify the menu and put the links there

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Adk Portal 3.0.2

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Dic 01 2011

Greetings, recently got your portal system, and have other questions relating to this matter..


I make the page, and then create a new block, in that block I want to add a link to the page..

Código: [Seleccionar]
[url=]TEXT or IMAGE here[/url]
This works, but, it opens in a new tab/window.. Well, that kinda defeats the object, I don't want that..

So, how would I go about using a similar link, and have it open in the same tab/window.. Without reloading the whole site?


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Abr 27 2012


Even I have the same question on page and articles. I want to show all articles in my front page (middle block) like blogging system. I created an article but simply not able to put it in front page.

Can anyone point me out how this can be achieved?

smf 2.0.2

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