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* Noob to php here :D - please help me
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Dic 11 2010

Okay so to start off I am trying to make a loader system for some java scripts I make on another site....
But I have a bit of trouble with the web part of my loader... I want to use the php to verify the user then it will download my jarfile.

Here is my problem with the php:
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$DBUser "*******";
$DBPassword "****";
$DBHost "*******";


$username $_GET['memberName'];
glow=red,2,300]$user_settings['passwordSalt'] = substr(md5(mt_rand()), 04);
$sha_passwd sha1($_GET['passwd'] . $user_settings['passwordSalt']);[/glow]

$query "select * from smf_members where username='$username' and [glow=red,2,300]password='$sha_passwd'"[/glow];
$num mysql_affected_rows();

if (
$num 0) {

header('Location: 1l9phg6s.jar');



$logfile 'Logs/' $memberName '.html';
$logdetails date("F j, Y, g:i a") .  ' | ' $IP ' | ' $Agent;
$fp fopen($logfile"a");

The highlighted areas are the parts that dont work. I am using smf 2.0 rc4

It works if I change
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$query = "select * from smf_members where username='$username' and password='$sha_passwd'";

Código: [Seleccionar]
$query = "select * from smf_members where username='$username'";


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Dic 11 2010

why do you open a new connection..?

Use the SMF CODE.... Use SSI.php

ADK Portal 3.0.2

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