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* Portal/Blocks admin settings/menu missing after SMFupdate v.2.0.6
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Dic 07 2013


It's been severeal MONTHS since my original post, and still NO RESPONSE what-so-freakin-ever!!

This useless peiece of shit Portal have now been UN-installed and placed in the garbage where it belongs, along with it's utterly useless support service!!


Hey there...

My SMF forum updated to version 2.0.6, Updated via forum Admin Center from v.2.0.3 (0.4-0.5 and 0.6).
But now the edit/options menu(s) for ADK Portal v.2.1.1 and Blocks are missing in my admin panel.
How do I fix this??

(MySQL v.5.5 and PHP v.5.5.x)

I see in other topics you advice people to "attach file" either "install/db_install_adkportal.php" or "Subs-adkfunction.php".
What does "attach file" even mean?? Attach how... and what do I attach the file to??

If you mean "upload file" to hostserver... then please say so.
I have already tried this... Nothing changed.

If you mean manually "parse code" (find/replace)... then please say so.
And if so, what code, how and where do I do this??

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