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* remove Portal command for mobile
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Mar 01 2013

I have a auto detect on my forum to guide to mobile theme.  How can I remove the ADK Portal panels in index.template.php

For example,
for SimplePortal, you can use this command: $settings['disable_sp'] = true;

fir TinyPortal, you can use this command:if (function_exists('tp_hidebars'))

What can you use for ADK Portal?


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Mar 02 2013

Copy the file "Adkportal.template.php" to mobile theme folder.

Inside that file locate and delete the following:

Código: [Seleccionar]
<td id="adk_left" valign="top" style="width:',$adkportal['wleft'],'; padding-right: 5px;'. (($user_info['is_guest'] ? !empty($_COOKIE['adk_left']) : !empty($options['adk_left'])) ? ' display: none;' : '') .'">

Código: [Seleccionar]
<td id="adk_right" valign="top" style="width:',$adkportal['wright'],'; padding-left: 5px;'. (($user_info['is_guest'] ? !empty($_COOKIE['adk_right']) : !empty($options['adk_right'])) ? ' display: none;' : '') .'">



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Adk Portal 3.0.2

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Jul 26 2013

In which folder will i locate this Adkportal.template.php file?

SMF 2.0.2

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