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Oct 12 2011

Hello there everyone. Before everything, I have to thank you guys for great work with coding the Adk Portal. Impressive job and I hope you ll keep on going.

I have one suggestion and many one more feature that you could add to adk:

1. Add an option to adk news to keep announced and sticky threads on position 1 on home page. For example, I m using AdkPortal as my in-game team portal and I need to have announcement from my forum at the top of my home page and all the new articles that I would publish would be below it.

2. Add "read more" option into another news block cause whenever I post something it's just a way too much text to scroll on the page.

You can check and see that thread "Syntagma is Recruiting " is on second position and each new one I post will be over it.

Hope you can help me on this,
Best wishes,

Adkportal 2.0
SMF 2.0.1

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Oct 12 2011

1) amm... i think you can create a new block, with the content of X topic....
2) It's a good option, maybe, we'll add this on Adk 2.2 (Adk 2.1 is done.... we're testing)

Thanks for choice us and sorry for my poor english.

ADK Portal 3.0.2

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