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* Upgrade issue Blog 2 to Blog 3
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Jun 22 2012


Here are my details:

    Forum url

    Smf Version

    Any screen of your problem
The error states: "Unable to load the 'main' template."

    Name of your theme
Design by ^HeRaCLeS^
SMF Personal © Night Sky

    You need have the copyright of your theme
SMF 2.0.1 | SMF © 2011, Simple Machines
Simple Audio Video Embedder
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I am getting the "Unable to load the 'main' template." error when I click on the Blog link from the header navigation bar. I am able to see my personal blog. I am able to get into the Admin and change the settings.

I'm sort of new to this web stuff and I think I have followed your directions here correctly:

I do not run a portal, just the SMF forum.

My forum is not open to the public generally as you need to register an account to gain access. With that said, you can PM me here and I can grant access or if you know what I goofed up on in the installation and can point me in that direction.

Thank you for the help in advance. I am stumped.


SMF 2.0.1
SMF 2.0.1

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Jun 23 2012

suggestions anyone?

SMF 2.0.1
SMF 2.0.1

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Jun 29 2012

reupload all adk blog's folders.

ADK Portal 3.0.2

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