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* Themes Ibz (Black - Extreme - White)
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Autor: ^HeRaCLeS^
Oct 22 2011
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Themes Ibz

     o Black Ibz: es un theme moderno en tonos oscuros.
     o Extreme Ibz: es un theme moderno en tonos celestes.
     o WhiteBlack Ibz: es un theme moderno en tonos claros.

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Black Ibz

Extreme Ibz

WhiteBlack Ibz

« Última Modificación: Febrero 19, 2012, 03:38:39 pm por lucas-ruroken »

Compatible with SMF 2.0.2

hi !

First, thanks for this theme !

I would like to change a few things for my role play forum, if it's possible...

first, i would like to remove this, because we are using high size avatars, and it become way to high :

then, i would like to incrase the size of the left column in messages, so we can see all the avatar, and not just the left part :

You can resize the avatar to make it look a little guy and not lose proportions.
That would be done with CSS, so the size exchange only in those areas.

Url please!

i know i can resize the avatar, but for a RP forum, it's better to have a big one in posts ^^
but, if it's not possible, i will try to find an other theme, i think =)

But with a "width: 125px;" is very well.

my members are complaining it's too small...

but, for once i will not listen to them x)

Thank you heracles !


Hi ^Heracles^

theme Extreme ibz

In the registration form the password is unreadeble when you write, because the user write white on white background.

Can you help me please?

Thx in advance


« Última Modificación: Febrero 04, 2013, 03:11:24 pm por jobam »

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