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Autor: Mario
Jun 25 2010

Folder images

In this folder we have all icons of our theme as you can see, Messsage icons, bithday icons, karma, etc. ..

Now I will coment what brings each folder and what is its function

The main images we have in the folder "theme" of our theme.

A: Folder theme

backdrop (background)

frame_repeat (background forum body)

loadingbar (not usually change)

main_block (background forum body 2, bars categories, etc.... as we shall see later)

menu_gfx (more button-down menu)

quickbuttons (not usually change, but it looks good on the picture buttons are)

quote (as its name implies, is an image that comes out when a quote aces)

submit_bg(Button color preview, save, etc. .. in the area to create a post

The backdrop as we see in the picture below, we modify a portion of the bottom member of our theme and the other party would be in the css. (I'll explain later)

The frame_repeat would be one of the body parts of the forum. would be the part shown in the photo shown in red. as the body of the forum consists of two images.

The vestments main_block many things that ire by pointing out parts ..

1 - This would be the second part of the body of the forum, editing this part of the image. Would you change color or form these parts

2 - This bar's we find in our administration panel as shown in the picture, this bar will not look for user who do not have to enter edit adminstracion but is recommended if the editastes others.

3 - This bar is one of the categories, the main forum. So this is one of the most important, in these pictures you can see everything that is published with it and something else that is in the administration panel.

4 - This would be subcategories or information centers. Below is an example (this bar also changes as the others administacion)

5 - This image just fills the present, the fund would go from the ccs (explained below)

6 y 7- these images would be for the posting area, who, like the one above use the ccs for the background (explained below) each zone changes, as you can see are different colors. exchange only what is marked in red.

In the menu_gfx modify the menu buttons and drop-down menu.

1: here would change the dropdown menu.

2,3,4: This would be the menu buttons, no need to explain that makes each bar that is logical.

The submit_bg as you said before, is the color of buttons to preview, save, etc. .. in the area of creating a post.

B: folder admin

Here you will find the icons of our administration center

C: Folder BBc

These are the images of the buttons in our area bbc posting

This would be the image of the new item that appears when someone replies to a topic.

F: Folder icons

these would be a forum icons, bars, etc. ..

G: Folder post

these would put the icons in the notice when creating a post.

H: Folder topic

these would be the theme icons locked, closed, fixed, etc. .

El titulo deberia ir en ingles, ademas debes necesitar el permiso de kenet para esto.

Lucas no sabia donde colocarlo, fue el el que me pidio la traduccion xd

Ok perfecto, ahora busco el foro para colocarlo


gracias mario, gracias por taducirlo. aunque me parece que te falto la parte del css

Sí, cada cosa a su tiempo, no he tenido mucho tiempo hoy;)

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